Flashback StuwerSounds

BLACK BIUTI (Vienna) and SEBASTIAN SIGHELL (Poland/Irland)

We had a wonderful evening in this amazing and very atmospheric location in the Stuwerviertel.


flashback Musikraumgarage

Here we go! The amazing Musikraumgarage team did a live stream and also did record it for everybody who was not able to watch the stream!!

Have fun watching our last concert!

If you just want to see some pictures – here we go 😉


OUR next concert will be on tueday MAY24th 2016 in VIENNA at MusikRaumGarage. It is a public rehearsal room on the level -3 of WIPARK Garage Freyung, Vienna. Musicians from different genres are giving a performance situated between concert and rehearsal, which can be followed via livestream or watched later in our Archive.
The concept elaborated by Dilruba Erkan and Peter Oroszlany originates from the idea of using family garages as rehearsal rooms. Re-using the idea of the garage as an off space for creation, MusikRaumGarage gives musicians access to experiment with the particular sound qualities of an underground parking lot. The raw acoustics of the concrete halls completed by the sound of bypassing cars defines the unique qualities of the performance space.


THE LIVE_STREAM WILL START AT 9pm; you can also come there and visit our concert. we are really looking forward to that evening. There will be ::: paetzold recorders / electric bass / tape recorders / pedals / sopranino recorder / white noise / Vivaldi concert / drone-cloud in A / jungle noises /  fluxus!? / fun / de(con)struction / beauty / harshness….

last saturday at vekks …

We had a real good time last Saturday at Vekks!

This space is really on of its kind! It’t this nice DIY venue and also there is the Kost Nix Laden. You can bring some of your stuff you don’t need anymore and can take some of the things there with you. I like this exchange system! Very social and a great atmosphere there!

IMG_6093 IMG_6081 IMG_6079