last saturday at vekks …

We had a real good time last Saturday at Vekks!

This space is really on of its kind! It’t this nice DIY venue and also there is the Kost Nix Laden. You can bring some of your stuff you don’t need anymore and can take some of the things there with you. I like this exchange system! Very social and a great atmosphere there!

IMG_6093 IMG_6081 IMG_6079

Flashback – Noches de los Muertos

Verein Fünfhaus did this wonderful festival earlier this year! Werner Korn took some beautiful pictures of this two evenings at Echoraum!

Here is an insight on our performance this evening together with Thomas Grimm with visuals by Steffi Neuhuber.

Sounds are coming soon!

Thank you Angelica, Burkhard, Billy, Werner and everyone!

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recording and rehearsing

we did some recordings during the summertime. now we just have to listen through everything and work on it. but we can assure you … there are some nice tracks for you!
also we are going to rehearse with thomas grimm and are planning to play with lissie rettenwander soon.

so stay tuned 😉

tape time

Hey, we made our first tape: UNICORN; it’s 60 minutes long and we recorded it during the last months, it’s limited to 30 pieces and you can choose between 6 different colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue, transparent

So don’t hesitate and get a copy!!

collage of the tracks from the tape:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DSC00583 DSC00587DSC00586


Black Biuti – UNICORN

Side A

Nobody wants her love
Speeding Kills

Side B

Guard to High Ground
Fucking Diva
Caressing (live at NIU, Barcelona Feb 2013)
Broken Glass (live at NIU, Barcelona Feb 2013)
Oh I saw you (live at Transporter, Wien Apr 2013)


Katrin Hauk – electric bass, electric guitar, voice pedals

Steffi Neuhuber – Paetzold, voice, pedals

and: thank you  Aras Levni Seyhan for the live-recording @ Transporter wien!!!

there’s a shining unicorn

the tracks for our tape to come are ready for being put out! watch out for our tape ‘UNICORN’ .. you can find it next weekend (26th to 28th of april) at majas musik markt at the snim table with other great stuff from the snim collective as lsd, margaret unknown etc. … there are going to be 40 Austrian labels at brut.. come and check out their stuff! in the evenings you have the change to listen to some great concerts. this is a cooperation between majas musik markt and viennese soulfood. you better not miss this!

je cherche une chambre

On March 27th we played at the finissage of ‘je cherche une chambre’. You could listen to three ‘Wiener Soundspaziergänge’ made by Eva Schoerkhuber, Grzegorz Kielawski and Metka Zeichen. There were some great readings by Marion Messiner, Rudolf Stueger and Grzegorz Kielawski. The atmosphere at Zeitraum was amazing. The exhibition consisted out of paintings, video and also seating-accomodations made out of free newspapers by Nikolaus Scheibner .. all in all.. thanks to you guys for a great evening at WERK.

DSC00565 DSC00566DSC00564