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Our next concert will be on April 25th at Vekks in Vienna – see you there!

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Flashback – Noches de los Muertos

Verein Fünfhaus did this wonderful festival earlier this year! Werner Korn took some beautiful pictures of this two evenings at Echoraum!

Here is an insight on our performance this evening together with Thomas Grimm with visuals by Steffi Neuhuber.

Sounds are coming soon!

Thank you Angelica, Burkhard, Billy, Werner and everyone!

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recording and rehearsing

we did some recordings during the summertime. now we just have to listen through everything and work on it. but we can assure you … there are some nice tracks for you!
also we are going to rehearse with thomas grimm and are planning to play with lissie rettenwander soon.

so stay tuned 😉


Steffi and me are also part of this wonderful paetzold bass-recorder ensemble PLENUM! Come to our concert this saturday 19.4.2014 in KREMS at the Minoritenkirche, we will be part of the IMAGO DEI festival!!!

Angélica Castelló
Gobi Drab
Katrin Hauk
Thomas List
Steffi Neuhuber
Maja Osojnik
Reni Weichselbaum (Paetzold Bassblockflöten)
Anna Clare Hauf (Mezzosopran)

Anonymus: In Paradise
Burkhard Stangl: Balance I * (UA)
Robert Parsons: In Nomine IV
Pauline Oliveros: Heptagonal Dreams ** (UA)
William Byrd: Fantasie
Anthony Holborne: Paradizo
Gunter Schneider: Paradise Recalled*** (UA)
John Taverner: Quemadmodum



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photo: Maria Frodl