in your life you go through different phases … Black Biuti is now in a re-orientation phase .. after trying to escape the academical improvisation restrictions Katrin and I went through through playing song structured music and traveling together, listening to a lot of different kinds of music, coping with our past and future, with expectations other people had in us we finally found our way of producing, playing music together… although both of us are in different countries right now we talked a lot, both of us made their own experiences and we ended up having similar ideas on how to keep on working … so be excited what is going to happen in 2013!

¿Welcome to Quebec?

My welcome to Canada was not at all as I expected…first of all I was really tired because I wanted to spend the most possible time with my friends in Chicago before I leave.. so when I arrived in Montréal I just wanted to meet up with Luc and sleep.. or at least get rid of my luggage. but there was this huge line for customs… finally I made it to the counter.. some questions okay.. but then I had to go to immigration… me and two other guys where there, everyone else could pass without problems.. more questions.. I really don’t want to stay here forever.. hm.. okay.. I found my backpack and thought I would head to the center (I was already 2 hours late). but no.. this was not the way it would work out.. I had to go to see another policeman who checked my bags and my recorder again. more questions.. what could I possibly do with my wooden recorder.. but.. yeah.. I guess he’s never seen anything like this.. so lot’s and lot’s of questions on my instrument, my savings, friends etc.etc…he checked my recorder for drugs asked my about my Zoom h4n  … okay I’ll stop now.. So I arrived downtown  hmmm.. maybe 3 hours later than expected and I could not find Luc.. so I had to wait more.. at this point I was really tired and sad and cold, the weather here is not the nicest at the moment.
I was really not in a good mood for Montréal and I just wanted to go back to Chicago 🙂
so yesterday, my first whole day here, I decided to allow myself to be sad.. but I have to say it is getting better and better…yesterday was quite nice.. I spent about 2 hours at Notre-Dame Basilica … it is really beautiful. someone was playing organ and I stepped out of the city and found myself in another world! Sometimes I enjoy going to churches, basilicas… I liked the way the guy played the organ.. the part I preferred most was when he played really low notes and you could (or at least I felt it 🙂 ) feel the vibrations spreading through the main room there… I had to think of Substrata and the Tim Hecker performance in Seattle again probably because Tim Hecker is living in Montréal…
Today it’s rainy again.. where is the sun? I was walking around in Rosemont and Little Italy.. what made my think a lot of Ottakring in Vienna.. now I’m in Mont Royal .. I like it better here.. found a nice coffe store and try to figure some things out.. where to go, what to do.. so far I’m going to a party this evening.. let’s change my first impression of Montréal to a great 2 months stay here…