Black Biuti feat. Grimm

Last Friday Black Biuti took part in a workshop for sound engineer students at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna … for this reason we cooperated with Thomas Grimm – Black Biuti’s playing merged perfectly with the intense sounds of the bassoon… after rehearsing during the afternoon there was a concert in the evening.. wait for the recordings to be online!


foto cred. stefanie schwaiger


Die Schallmauer

Yesterday we all said goodbye to the Schallmauer at the Echoraum. It was a nice afternoon with cake and coffee — for the last time people could listen/feel all the different pieces which were composed for Christine Schörkhubers Schallmauer. It was fun playing COMPACT SPACE again. The piece worked also very well with just three players; the frequencies of our paetzold recorders were so intense; during the soundcheck I took the opportunity to feel our piece a little bit at the soundwall and I have to say, it was a true sound massage. After yesterday’s performance I am really looking forward to our Paetzold Septet Plenum.