wow…Ayn introduced us today in Portland to a new instrument: the autoharp; it works like a zither but it has some buttons where you can choose to play different chords at once. just press the button with your right or left hand and you can play a complete chord (c7, dmin, etc) with thorns on your fingers, a plectron or whatever you like to use. even the endings of the strings make some nice scratchy noise.

even daisy the cat loved to listen to steffis tunes.


more infos:

Oscar Schmidt was founded in 1879 and produced a line of autoharps (among other  stringed instruments) into the 1920s through five European factories and one  factory in New Jersey.  Oscar Schmidt autoharps boast up to 47 strings that are tuned diatonically or  chromatically. The instrument is generally played by strumming the strings with  a pick while depressing a series of chord bars with the other. The chord  bars–which come in 15- and 21-button configurations–sit atop the strings and,  when pushed down, create the desired chords.

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