Los Angeles

We experienced the real American live the last 2 days in LA. We stayed in North Hollywood with Luke in this great house.. the first evening we met my old schoolmate and her friend and it was great to see Yvi again before they move to Florida.

On Wednesday we went to St Monica and Venice beach, we strolled down next to the Ocean and wondered where all the crazy people were… we saw them on our way back. On our way home we decided to take a detour to the Mullholland Drive, it was amazing.. great view.. and yes there s really massive traffic in LA. On our way home we stopped at In n Out and had a great burger and handmade fries.. and ‘oh my god is this good I can’t believe it’ shake. In the evening we went to a small independent cinema Laemmle to watch ‘2 days New York’. great, positive movie and cool for me ’cause I’m flying to NYC tomorrow.

Today, our last day together on this great trip! We saw the Hollywood letters, lucky for me who was driving on our way to Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset. We passed the Chinese theater, saw some stars and went to Amoeba. We v been to so many record stores during the last few weeks but this was really the biggest. I have to say very impressive.. and Katrin got lost again, looking through all the cds and records. Afterwards we decided to go to Universal City Walk.. and had the most fatty and heaviest fries ever: chili cheese fries with meet.. oh my god. Unfortunately we were to late for a Universal Tour.. but whatever there’s probably a next time.

I already packed my stuff.. Katrin still tries to get all the cd s and clothes into her backpack..ah and before I forget. we also had a gun experience (we hold some in our hands). actually I d like to go to try them with Luke one day (maybe, I am not quite sure yet).

In a few hours we go to the airport. Katrin is flying back to Vienna, I’m going to meet Bernd in NYC and our paths divide. Still we are going to keep you updated about Black Biuti… and watch out for our stickers 😉

st monica pier

In n Out Burgers and Shakes


@ Amoeba

real fat chili cheese fries! we still feel them in our stomach…

good bye LA!

Oakland Warehouse Concert

we just came home from a great evening in Oakland. we drove there from San Francisco with Maddie Fernandez, a great person! we arrived at the warehouse where several people are living, it reminded us a little bit of moe (mmooee.org) in Vienna, but it was warmer an more like a living room. three great bands were playing there and the people here are really open minded and friendly! what an experience.. different many crumpy and precautious people back home! check out these duckyousucker, Frozen Folk, and Cheap Bliss!

San Francisco


uh what a great city is San Francisco. We are spending a couple of days here and Maddie and her roommates are hosting us here. The best thing to do here is to get in touch with the lifestyle, going from one part of the city to another from the Haights, to Castro, to Valencia Street, the Mission. We  are enjoying it a lot. Today we went to Aquarius Records and it’s such a great store. I bought a CD from a band called DUG DUG’S, a MExican band form the 70ies; there’s a lot of crazy stuff around.

Amoeba records was soo overwhelming; thousands of records, cds and dvds; I love it!


suicide squirrels and suicide deer threw themselves in front of our car… good lord .. i was able to stop …

huge trees, and mountains, rangers and stars.. we started to smell like firewood. better then we smelt before.

katrin got really excited by all the rangers… we slept well in our second home (toyota tigris) and had the weirdest dreams..

Speeding kills bears!

Yosemite Nationalpark. Don’t forget speeding kills bears, squirrels and deer!

Fort Bragg

we started to drive on highway 1, it was really sunny and lot s of curves. when we reached the Pacific it was foggy you hardly could see your arm and there he was, this creepy christian guy who gave some very weired sheets to us. we thought about going all the way further down highway1 but when we reached fort  braggs at 8pm we were getting so tired that we had to stop. after checking out some parking lots we decided to have a beer in an italian bar. there we started to talk to the waiter, Robert, and we told him about our trip and  that we are going to spend the night in the car, etc. He invited us to stay at his flat with his partner Kerin. We were so overwhelmed because of this offer and went directly to his place. They are also into couchsurfing so it was a lucky coincidence for us. We had interesting talks and they gave us a lot of useful information for our trip. the breakfast in the mornong was super nice. Robert told us some stories about San Francisco in the 60ies and about his Belgian familie and his trips to Tunis and Europe. What a great experience. So thank you Kerin and Robert for hosting us!  Let’s meet in Vienna again 🙂


foggy, foggy; Fort Bragg, California

From Cannon Beach to Trinidad

here some impressions from our roadtrip; finally found a really nice coffee shop in trinidad, no fast-food chains around (we like it).


Cannon Beach!


sunset Cannon Beach


Bandon Beach Sign, where we had a little chat with a policeman


very kitschig!


Bandon, Oregon our sleeping place…



Where is the elk? 🙂

Great breakfast in the great Beach Comber in Trinidad!