tape time

Hey, we made our first tape: UNICORN; it’s 60 minutes long and we recorded it during the last months, it’s limited to 30 pieces and you can choose between 6 different colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue, transparent

So don’t hesitate and get a copy!!

collage of the tracks from the tape:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DSC00583 DSC00587DSC00586


Black Biuti – UNICORN

Side A

Nobody wants her love
Speeding Kills

Side B

Guard to High Ground
Fucking Diva
Caressing (live at NIU, Barcelona Feb 2013)
Broken Glass (live at NIU, Barcelona Feb 2013)
Oh I saw you (live at Transporter, Wien Apr 2013)


Katrin Hauk – electric bass, electric guitar, voice pedals

Steffi Neuhuber – Paetzold, voice, pedals

and: thank you  Aras Levni Seyhan for the live-recording @ Transporter wien!!!

broken glass

yesterday i spent some time at the rüdigerhof with gabi and hubert…the rüdigerhof was renovated in the last few weeks; new colors, new fabrics, a new door separating smokers from non-smokers; it feels more open and bright now. we were drinking, smoking, talking when suddenly one of the new glassdoors broke; the waiter was passing through it and then the glass exploded; the sound was really intense and short…bits of broken glass everywhere; luckily nobody was sitting next to it; afterwards there was silence; everyone was so astonished. (wow, what a situation…) i took some pictures..