there’s a shining unicorn

the tracks for our tape to come are ready for being put out! watch out for our tape ‘UNICORN’ .. you can find it next weekend (26th to 28th of april) at majas musik markt at the snim table with other great stuff from the snim collective as lsd, margaret unknown etc. … there are going to be 40 Austrian labels at brut.. come and check out their stuff! in the evenings you have the change to listen to some great concerts. this is a cooperation between majas musik markt and viennese soulfood. you better not miss this!

Screaming Claws

hey there.. I wanna tell you about something really great! There are people over the world making touching, intense, fluorescent music.. some of them are part of the collective Screaming Claws … Natalie Chami (Chicago), Brian Griffith (LA) and Steffi Neuhuber (Vienna) wanna bring some good stuff to you! lay down and listen to….

“A collection of interesting folk and peculiar sounds. Tingling up your spine and out your eyes; may cause euphoria and fear, but always worth a listen.

The philosophy of ScreamingClaws extends to the history of Philosophy itself: because we cannot exist in the past nor the future, we may only exist in what we are conscious of currently, at the present moment. Memories are imagined remembrances of what was and the future is a prophecy and clairvoyant hope of our destination. We exist only in the unmeasurable abyss of Now and improvisational music is a way to explain it. As a bridge from the past to the future, every time you follow your bliss you fortify its strength. Improvisational music is why ScreamingClaws came into being. Listen. Contribute. Expand.”