Substrata Festival – Seattle


Steffi and I had the opportunity to take part in the substrata 1.2; taking place at Chapel Performance Space in Wallingford this weekend. It was really great; actually we were really lucky that we stayed pretty close to it; just a few blocks away at Eric’s house.

the artitst who performed were: Lawrence English, Tim Hecker, Loscil, Pan American, Robin Rimbaud, Daniel Menche, etc.; on saturday there was a panel discussion and a lecture by  Lawrence English. and on sunday an excursion to the cascade mountains with all the artists.

Rafael Anton Irisarri curated the whole thing. He seems to be a really cool guy and his ideas and thinkings about music are interesting. He wanted to create with substrata a festival, an intimate space where the boundaries of performers and listeners are blurry; a platform for advanced sound in Seattle. (something to support!)

I was impressed by the performance of  Daniel Menche, an artist living in portland. His visuals and his intense performance were really inspiering. great! he played on friday as robin rimbaud and lawrence english did.during their performance people were lying around, relaxing and getting into all the soundmasses which came from four speakers situated in the room. a mix of field recordings of the sea, white noise, telephon converations, heavy basses etc.

on saturday we unfortunately missed the first two acts; but we got to listen to tim hecker and pan american. pan american played drums and electric guitar + electronics and beautiful visuals; they played until 10pm. I really got into the music, it was so intense. huh and tim hecker before was also really great. he was really into it.

I made an interview with Daniel Menche and got to know his dog Arrow.:)

I will tell you more about everything back than in Vienna for sure at my radio show Katrins Klangschiene!


Pan American

ad from Steffi: I was really getting into the music and found myself in a state of trance. Especially interesting for me were the different behavior of the audience at this festival to other concerts taking place in Europe  and the main focus of the artists in the panel discussion. but you ‘ll hear more from Katrin… 😉

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